The family owned and run business PWSE est 1975 and has a portfolio of 1000’s of successful drilling jobs throughout all of Western Victoria. PWSE is now run by Mel & Wife Judy, & Son Barry Bartlett.

Mel Bartlett started hand drilling at the age of 12 and has now been working in the industry going on 62 years. His Son, Barry Bartlett began his drilling career with his father at the age of 16 and has been in the business going on 29 years.

As an elected Councillor with the Town of Portland, City of Portland and Glenelg Shire and Waterboard Member, Mel Bartlett became heavily involved in establishing the deep geothermal bores in Portland and was elected Chairman of the Geothermal Committee on Council.

Mel was involved as Chairman in establishing a Geothermal Hot Bore Water system to supply Geothermal energy to most municipal buildings and other buildings, such as the Hospital, Police station, SES building etc in Portland, as a result Council won major environmental awards, at the same time saved the community over $300,000.00 per annum in heating costs, plus the energy was also sold to private enterprise, such as the Richmond Henty Hotel.

Mels experience as a Water Drilling Contractor for over 56 years provides a wealth of practical knowledge in the water industry. Mel contributed to the compiling of the Australian Standards for the Construction of Water Bores.

Mel spent time overseas on ADIAB projects training the Tongan people to drill for water. Municipal Councils and Regional Water Authorities and Engineering Consultants regularily seek Mels advice when preparing specifications for drilling projects in the South West and Wimmera Mallee Regions of Victoria.

Some of the many projects we have completed and been involved with are:


  • Portland Aluminium Site Investigation/Water/Cathodic Protection Bores and foundation drilling.
  • Glenelg Shire Water Bores and Monitoring Bores.
  • Glaxo-Smith/Kline Port Fairy Groundwater Bores and Pumping systems.
  • Portland Pine Products Heywood, Water Bore, Pump installation including fire service pumping system.
  • Glenelg Water Groundwater Monitoring Bores.
  • Grampians Shire and West Wimmera Shire water bores.
  • Warrnambool Aquatic Centre Site Investigation Drilling.
  • Powercor Drilling Bores for the Installation of Earthing Systems.
  • Public Works Department Drilling Bores for Schools and Lighthouses.
  • National Bank drilling water bores.
  • Rural Finance and Settlement Commission drilling water bores and installing, windmills, pumps, tanks, troughs.
  • Forests Commission drilling water bores.
  • Softwood Holdings drilling water bores and installing tanks, and windmills.
  • Drilling water bores for major Oil and Gas Exploration Companies throughout Western Victoria.
  • Port of Portland site investigation drilling and monitoring bores.
  • Numerous sporting facilities water supply, bores, pumping systems. (E.g. Golf Clubs, Football Clubs, etc.)
  • Midway chip mill project Myamyn bore, pumps, fire service pumps, large Rhino tanks.
  • Alcoa- Point Henry Groundwater Monitoring Bores.
  • SA Woods and Forests (Drilling in Lake Bonney SA to erect retaining wall for salvaged logs after Ash Wednesday Fires.)
  • Bamstone Port Fairy water bores and pumping equipment installation and maintenance.
  • Site investigation drilling on numerous sites – all over South Western Victoria and Drilling thousands of water bores throughout the South West of Victoria over the period of 50+ years.
  • The list of major contracts goes on and on, far too many to list.